Let Nutrients Nourish Your Grass

Set up an aeration service in Alfred, Wells, Sanford, Kennebunk or Biddeford, ME and the surrounding area

Compacted soil is not good for your grass. Too much density makes it difficult for water, oxygen and other essential nutrients to reach the roots. The best way to combat this issue is by scheduling an aeration service with Hartford's Lawn Solutions. We can aerate and overseed your lawn using specialized equipment.

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What are the benefits of aeration and overseeding services?

Aeration and overseeding services can go hand in hand. These services together will:

Promote new growth
Prevent weeds
Encourage healthy root development
Help your lawn fight drought and disease

We suggest scheduling this service during the fall or spring but can be done upon request throughout the season. All services are priced based on the size of your property.

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